Plastic and Metal Pipe

Sub-drain Pipe and Fittings

pipeGeosynthetic Systems has sold countless amounts of sub-surface drainage tubing for installation beneath and alongside city streets and municipal roads and highways, and has supplied our region's contractors with corrugated plastic pipe for residential drainage for three decades. Nobody in the industry has more knowledge or expertise than our team when it comes to drainage, keeping basements dry and stabilizing footings. From driveway and sidewalk drainage and culverts for road crossings to window-well and yard drainage, we're a one-stop shop for sub-surface and surface drainage.

Smoothwall HDPE Plastic Pipe and Fittings

smoothwallGeosynthetic Systems stocks high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for stormwater management in diameters ranging from 6 to 36 inches and offers two types of coupling systems to meet every specification standard. At less than 10 percent of the weight of concrete pipe throughout the full range, HDPE pipe is often the best choice for contractors. As well as being faster and less costly to install, it is also easier to cut and much safer to handle.


Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP)

CSPCorrugated steel pipe has a long history of proven service performance for storm sewer, highway construction, mining and forestry applications. CSP is available in a variety of sizes, corrugation profiles, thicknesses and lengths to suit virtually any application. A complete line of standard and specialized fittings, couplers and accessories is also available.

Geosynthetic Systems' large inventory of corrugated steel pipe (CSP) and accessories help us offer competitive prices while allowing us to provide quick, hassle-free delivery to jobsites across the region.

We stock a complete line of standard couplers and fittings, and custom fittings and accessories are available upon request.

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